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My name is Darshak Shah. I have seen sellers producing tons of sells during launch time. They spend countless hours to launch their product but they do not put any efforts to gain sales after launch.

I know it is very tough to gain sales after launch and that’s why I have opened to help sellers gain sales after launch.

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Please follow below Instructions

In order to help you gain sales, you need to ask your existing buyers to leave honest review of your product listed at When your buyers leave review, their review will appear on their Facebook wall. This will help you to gain viral traffic from Facebook

Facebook Review Demo

The average number of Facebook friend is 338 as per research done by If only few of your buyers leave review then also you will get tons of eyeballs checking your product. You will also gain sales from the existing traffic on my website and through email marketing. I only send out top rated product emails to members. So, your goal is to get more positive reviews for your product. Please follow below step to get started.


Add Your Product

Add Your Product in Our Marketpace using below Form. Please make sure to add your sales page URL and or JV Page URL in message field below. Ignore this step if your product is already added in our marketplace